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Troubleshooting Check

The 300w LED grow light has 288 LED bulbs with 12 rows and 6 power suppliers (six bigger black plastic boxes inside the light) and each power supply controls 2 rows bulbs. If 2 rows bulbs stop lighting, check if the connection of cable clips is loose or separated from the power supply.

If all cable clip connections are attached, locate the power supply for the rows that are not lighting. Disconnect it, and connect it to the another working power supply (total 6 power suppliers). Turn on the power. If the rows are now lighting, this indicates that thier individual power supply failed. Let us know and we will send over a power supply to replace it.


Screw off box

Open the light box

Check clips and cable connection


Power suppliers inside view

After testing with the new power supply,  if the two rows are still not lighting, the panel needs to be sent to the factory for repair.

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