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 SmartAQ LED Aquarium lights make your reef perfect!

We launch the latest SmartAQ LED aquarium light series that are new generation intelligent LED aquarium lights, the lights series have single and multiple modules of LEDs, each module has three channels, AquaSpecial 40W 14000K, 10 3w BluePlus LEDs (455nm) and 10 3w PurplePlus LEDs (415nm), each channel can be dimmable from 0 to 100 brightness with 24 time interval (1 hour interval), this high power LED aquarium lights can mimic Sunny, Cloudy, Sunrise/Sunset and Moon modes, 100% automatic control and full customization.

Free sample opportunities!  We offer 2 FREE AR085 SmartAQ and 4 50% off AR085 SmartAQ led aquarium lights for 6 product reviewers, we also provide 30% off for other models if buyer can provide user review.   Candidates must be experienced reef growers, have writting capacity and have record of publication or forum post. Please contact us with your background introduction. June-July 2013 only.



 AIBC SmartAQ LED Aquarium Lights with adjustable 0-100 brightness and 24 hours cycle control 

Check youtube Video Below


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1)Modular design, each module is total 85watt, include one 40W super power LED AquaSpecial(14000K),  and 20 3W high power BluePlus(455nm)  and PurplePlus(415nm) LEDs, Getting much stronger penetration and light coverage.

 G3 Aquarium aq-blue-purple-spectrum1smartAq aq-blue-purple-spectrum-par

smartAQ Aquarium blue spectrum600

smartAQ Aquarium purple spectrum600

* Spectrum data above is tested by AI-MK350 handheld spectrometer

2)         Easy to make the all-day climate light cycling sunset/sunrise/cloudy/sunny and moon light let the plant enjoy the natural sun light.

Smart LED Aquarium Light cycle


You can customize any channels within 24hrs(1 hour  interal) with any brightness from 0-100,  factory pre-set programs are Sunny, Cloudy, Sunrise/sunset and Moon modes.



3)         Special lens designed by professional optical company bring higher penetration and better light coverage.

SmartAQ Aquarium front

AquaSpecial LENS is 105 degree LENS, BluePlus and PurplePlus LENS are 78 degree 

4)       NIDEC fans from Japan are equipped in this system, which work in silence and get longer lifespan than other normal fans.

G3 Aquarium back

5)       Multi lamps can be connected and easily controlled by one external controller; 


Note: 1. Maxium current for power cords is less than 15A, Maxium wattage by one power cords should be less than 1000W.

         2. One smartcontroller controls maxium 10 units(510W light is equavalent 2 units).

         6)       The aquarium fixture is made of high quality anodic alumina oxide metal, they will never corrosion in high humidity environment. Aluminum material is lighter than normal iron housing but get much faster heat dissipation.

7)        SmartAQ LED aquarium lights series are range from 85W, 170W, 255W, 340W to 510W.

G3 Aquarium seriesG3 Aquarium series1


AI-SmartAQ-AR085  On Sale $195



Model:AI-SmartAQ-AR170  On Sale $391



Model:AI-SmartAQ-AR255  On Sale $518



Model:AI-SmartAQ-AR340  On Sale $782


Ar340 smartAQ

Model:AI-SmartAQ-AR510  On Sale $1173



8) Accessories




Q: What is difference between SmartAQ and Evergrow style LED aquarium lights?

 A: Evergrow is first generation intelligent led aquarium light, SmartAQ is sec generation, first of all, SmartAQ is using different LED wavelengths and type LEDs in three sections, cool white, blue, and purple that make reef more healthy and beautiful, second,  for white leds, we use integrated super power 40w COB LEDs, that make lights penetration stronger,  third,  one controller can control up to 10 units device, reduce single unit cost, and simplify operation, forth,  module design makes repair easy, even user can replace failure parts.

Q: What is about warranty

A: We offer domestic service for USA customers, free of charge of parts replacement for two years.

Q: Do you offer group order?

A: Yes, we can provide group order with discount if group comes from local association, forum members et al, but we could not organize group purchase, please contact us if you have group order.

Q: Do you offer reseller account or affiliate programe?

A: Yes, resellers accounts are limited in USA business, affiliate program is open for whole world. 

Q: I have public questions and comments, where can I post?

A: Leave comment in our Facebook, we will try answers questions asap.

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