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LED T8 aquarium lighting  tube is  alternative  for fresh fish and saltwater tank

lower power T8 or T5 LED aquarium tubes are for the tank lighting, high power tubes are for growing water plant and coral growing.

LED aquarium moonlight T8-12-G1



Item NO.


Tube length

292mm or 11.5"  (Suitable for 12" tank)

Tube diameter

26mm or 1.02"  (T8 tube)

Working voltage

DC 12.0 V

Working current

480 mA

Power comsuption

5.8 Watts

LED Quantity

72pcs  (450-470 nm blue 48 pcs, 7500k white 24 pcs)

Lumen output / intensity

white 100LM

LED beam angle

30-40 degree

Waterproof grade



CE/UL listed


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