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Brand New Design with Revolutional Features for Growing

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Nutrilite504 $966.00 




1. High power LED lights, each LED 1-3 watt Chips

2. Full spectrum for the plant from 430nm -730nm

3. Special design for water drops.

4. Dual LED driver double power supply life.

5. Two switches allow adjust brightness.

6. Automatically turn fans on or off based on temperature

7. Higher Par (photosynthetically Active Radiation) value.




Model No nutrilite504 LUX(1feet): 20000
LED Qty 252x2W LUX(3feet) 3670
Input voltage 100-240VAC Par(umol/sM) 1feet 1202
Wavelength 430-730nm Par(umol/sM)3feet 470
Packing Size 820x350x200 Product size 750x280x112mm
Gross Weight 12Kg Moveable plug Optional
warranty 3 years Hook: Included


We are looking for retailers and distributors to sell this revolutional products, you can call us for inquiry:

We demo Nutrition LED at Indoor garden Show Denver, Colorodo, USA


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