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Commerial & Industrial LED grow lights

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Commercial and  Industrial Grade LED Grow Lights

Here are our Commercial and  industrial grade Led grow lights, they are designed for green house, hydroponic factory, and flower industry.

Advanced commercial LED grow lights indoor system is coming!

Fully automatic controlled by your fingers! you can sit on anywhere to manage your grow system throught the internet.

commerical led grow system

This LED grow system is designed for commercial scale indoor grow, it consists of  three sections: High power LED grow lights system, aeroponic system and control system.

Good for indoor grow, plant factory, office, school, hotel and so on.

Contact us for more information, we provide turn-key solution and investment analysis.


LED Minifarm System

You can have minifarm at your home, office, restaurant, school, labortory......


What benefit do I get from your minifarm system?

  • No-pollution
  • Organic vegetable growing at home
  • Air purifying
  • No vegetable store visit, all season fresh
  • Decoration
  • Research and education
  • Attracting your customers, show off to your friends

LED Minifarm system structure



  • Frame size: 1.38mx0.6mx 1.7m (customizable)
  • Lighting: 400watt LED grow lights
  • Cultivating Plant: Lettuce, herbs, spinach, ginseng, strawberry, sprouts, broccoli, water colory.....
  • Watering system: aeroponic methods
  • Control system: lighting, watering and remote control
  • Cultivating areas: 1.56 sqM
  • Sanitory control: UV disinfection


Retail Price: $5998

Dealers are welcome to contact.

we have demo in our new york office, welcome to visit our office for system.


Model:  CI-96w-growlights,

Standard color ratio: Red:Blue=8:1, customizable.




  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, Freaency Range:50-60Hz
  • Power Factor:0.95,  Total Harmonic Distortion:<20%,
  • Power supply technology:Combination power
  • Working Voltage: 45V, LED Number: 96pcs
  • LED Consumption:102W,  System Consumption: 110W
  • LED Luminous Efficiency:100Lm/w, LED Initial Flux:7680Lm
  • Lamp’s Efficiency:90%
  • Light Distribution:Rectangular Beam, Beam angle :140*80
  • IP Grade:ip65, Erode testing :Pass
  • Dust cumuli testing:Pass, Working Life:>30000h
  • Light Body&Lampshade Material :Aluminum Alloy and  Tempered Glass
  • Net Weight:10.5kg

Packing Size:655*550*364MM


Model CI-128w-Growlights

Standard color ratio: Red:Blue=8:1, customizable


  • LED Number: 128pcs
  • LED Consumption:135W
  • System Consumption: 150W
  • LED Luminous Efficiency:100Lm/w
  • LED Initial Flux:10240Lm
  • Lamp’s Efficiency:90%
  • Light Distribution:Rectangular Beam
  • Light Methods:LED and novel light
  • Beam angle :140*80
  • IP Grade: IP65, Erode testing :Pass
  • Dust cumuli testing:Pass,  Working Life:>30000h
  • Light Body&Lampshade Material :Aluminum Alloy and  Tempered Glass
  • Net Weight:15.8kg
Packing Size:830*550*364MM

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